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Our Clients


Our Clients

The firm has a diverse base of clients comprising of small, mid-sized and large enterprises, including family businesses, banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, commercial and residential real estate developers and contractors, hospitality groups, and manufacturers. Our client base includes:

KP's Clients

Since inception KP has been recognized by most legal rating agencies and has received award as Egypt law firm of the year by ALB Thomson Reuters. In an exceptional global event, KP law firm was born, bringing to the legal industry more than 150 combined years of experience under one roof, enabling KP to challenge all headwinds and earn its client’s trust by concluding deals worth more than EGP 10 billion in the first two years across different practices, our deal sheet since inception includes the following:

  • Crafting and implementing a roadmap, necessary procedures, and documentation for a large European bank acquiring a 20% stake in an energy company. Deal worth EGP 930 million

  • Concluded a 30% stake buyout from a founding partner and managed a complex settlement and arrangements to close the transaction.

  • Under the new banking law in Egypt, and tough economic environment, we have concluded a project finance transaction, advising a large pharmaceutical on a syndicated finance facility. Deal worth EGP 650 million.

  • Advising a regional fund on a finance project, the deal required adapting LMA to local law requirements. Deal worth EGP 7.7 billion.

  • Advised a regional fund on trade finance facility, the deal involved amending LMA to meet the commercial needs of the deal. Deal worth EGP 190 million.

  • Advising a GCC private equity fund on the acquisition of two start-ups companies in the fintech sector, the deal involved multi-jurisdiction coordination, due diligence, convertible debt structure, negotiating, and drafting the deals documents.

  • Advised on the acquisition of a listed company on the Egyptian stock exchange. Concluded the due diligence. Tender offer completion, and drafting the transaction documents.

  • Advised and worked on the acquisition of a supply service company, the transaction required drafting documents for the share purchase, license agreement, technical service agreement, and documents required for share transfer.

  • Advised on the acquisition of the company in the fertilizers sector. The transaction required negotiating the terms for the buyer, along with the due diligence for the targeted company.

  • Advised on a major facility management deal for one of a major commercial and touristic landmarks established in Egypt.

  • Advised on the buy-out of one of the major education operators.

  • Advised on the structuring of a startup pharmaceutical business including guidance on all regulatory aspects.

  • Advised one of the commercial banks on governance reorganization and a shareholder conflict up to full settlement.

Our team has worked on deals and Advisory matters worth more than USD 50 billion, including:


  • Design innovative telecom services provision agreements. The

    agreements included sale purchase/shareholders/joint venture agreements. Along with participating in the drafting and debate of numerous legislations released in Egypt and the region.

  • Advised large Chinese telecom companies on how to start up business in Egypt.

  • Assisted with the sale of a large Egyptian bank on behalf of the vendors.

  • Advising vendors on creating a multiplier shareholding structure upon selling a controlling stake in a telecom company.

  • Assisted a big international retail group with its exit from Egypt. The deal included complicated shareholder agreements and a rights issue process.

  • Represented major multinational beverage companies in the acquisition of one of the Middle East’s largest publicly traded beverage companies.

  • Assisted a major telecom business with its listing on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, which was the first listing under the then-new listing regime.

  • Represented a significant art and film company investor in selling its assets to a big regional player.

  • Advised major International banks on how to standardize their banking documentation to comply with local law requirements in civil law regimes. As well as providing general opinions on facility documentation.

  • Assisted in the negotiation of important hotel operating agreements.

  • Worked as part of a legal team advising the issuer on a major retail food chain’s IPO in one of the GCC Stock Exchange.

  • Designed a GCC conglomerate’s major corporate restructuring initiative.

  • Provided legal counseling to several franchises and franchisors on important agreements, as well as agency law, distributorship and customs duties.

  • Advised a major construction company on how to setup their business in the Gulf Cooperation Council.

  • Represented a large power company in multimillion-dollar settlement negotiations.

  • Designed and implemented a variety of governance models. And provided advice to major family firms undergoing restructuring.

  • Provided numerous pieces of insolvency legal guidance.

  • Advised clients on the criteria for convertible bonds and share buybacks.

  • Assisted a major private equity firm in acquiring a share in a major regional publicly traded bank.

  • Advised major railway businesses on a wide range of project regulations as well as contract structuring.

  • Assisted firms in the region with business structuring and reorganization.

  • Represented large shareholders in board meetings as counsel and group of secretary.

  • Led and concluded several significant initial public offerings (IPOs).

  • Led and concluded many successful M&A transactions, including some of the region’s most significant ones.

  • Participating in setting up two major mobile network operators in Egypt and leading the acquisition team to acquire entities authorized to provide data services for such MNO’s.

  • Participating in the joint venture arrangement between major multinational oil and gas companies and EGAS for the establishment of ELNG and the construction of liquified natural gas complex of Egypt.

  • Participating in the privatization of the biggest iron and steel company in the middle east and the sale of it take a private investor.

  • Drafting the model sale and purchase agreement currently used by most real estate developers in the country.

  • Leading the sale transaction of a majority stake in a top regional real estate company to own a portfolio of 50 million sq. m of lands in Egypt.

  • Represent major real estate developers in the acquisition of several plots of lands in Egypt.

  • Represent a sovereign fund in the acquisition and disposal of shares in several top 500 companies.

  • Representing a GCC state in the negotiation with a north African country to engineer procure and construct an iron and steel complex.

  • Representing a sovereign fund to negotiate and conclude concession agreements for exploration and exploitation of few mines across Africa.

  • Representing a sovereign fund in the bidding process and acquisition of a prime location in Egypt to establish

  • Regis hotel in Cairo.

  • Representing few renewable energy developers with both for solar and wind projects in (Feed-in-tariff) program in Egypt for projects of approximately 1000 MW.

  • Leading the negotiation with few African governments to sign concession agreements to develop approximately 600 MW of renewable energy projects.

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